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Kogi guber; women, youths stage solidarity walk for Gov. Bello


Scores of Igala women and youth have staged a peaceful walk in Igalamela/Odolu local government area today, November 13th, 2019, in support of Governor Yahaya Bello’s reelection.

The walk which brought together over twelve different youth groups namely; GYB Small Governors, APC ward executives who are youths, GYB Kogi East Ladies Advocates, Echocho progressives Network, the G9 initiative, Students groups, NYCN,
Peace Corps, and the Igala Youth Development Congress (IYDC) among others, had over 2,500 youths marching on the streets of Ajaka, the headquarters of the local government while dancing to melodious tunes and chanting “Kogi Sai Bello”, “Next Level” and “4+4” intermittently.

The procession affected human and vehicular traffic on the popular Idah-Ajaka road, as vehicles were forced to move at snail pace.

The youths said their support for the re-election of governor Yahaya Bello is borne by the desire to sustain a system that works. They said Bello’ government brought development to Kogi East, stating that only enemies of progress would kick against his reelection.

The youths affirmed that they were aware of the ongoing plans by some selfish PDP apologists in the guise of Elders Council to repeat what they did during the last general election by asking the people to vote for the PDP candidate, saying that such decision will be vehemently resisted through the ballot, the same way they did it the last time by voting massively for Governor Bello.

“we can’t continue to allow them mortgage our future for selfish reasons”.

The Public Relations Officer of National Youth Council of (NYCN), Comrade Achor Joshua said, youths have benefited immensely from the government of Yahaya Bello, pointing out that only in this administration were youths given a real sense of belonging.

“Governor Bello provided a fully furnished office space for the council, monthly subversion for both the state and local government chapters, utility vehicles for all the chapters and also gave appointments to many of our members. This is what i call inclusion.

“We are not only supporting him for what he has done for the youth council alone, we are supporting because of the umomi-Akpagidigbo-Ugwolawo-Ajaka-Idah road, the Ibana-Okpo-Ikeje-Ogugu-Ette road, Ankpa Township, project power Kogi East, his contribution to the Igala Unity House project, amongst others too numerous to mention.

“what is paramount to the youths of Kogi East is human and capital development, and we are getting it from Governor Yahaya Bello, we cannot afford to trade it for less”. Achor said.

InsideStory reports that the march which took place simultaneously across eight Local Government Areas in Kogi East went on peacefully until that of Igalamela/Odolu was distributed by PDP thugs who attacked the crowd with guns and destroyed many of the vehicles with the pictures of the governor.


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