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Whose coronavirus prophesy should Nigerians believe: Pastor Adeboye or Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin?


Nigerians have been thrown into fear and pandemonium over the presence of coronavirus in Nigeria and its continuous spread across the country. While some people have already taken to self-isolating to keep themselves protected from the virus, others however, aren’t as bothered.

China which had the first confirmed case of coronavirus is said to be country with the most affected people, with Italy trailing behind. However, the country through self-isolation, social distancing and intense medical intervention, have managed to fight the virus and a recent report suggests no new cases of coronavirus has been reported.

While China has reached full recovery, it appears the opposite is the case for many other countries affected by the deadly virus which has claimed the lives of thousands of people.

For a country like Nigeria where many people including celebrities are yet to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously, it may seem like there is no hope.

Many factors including poor healthcare system and unavailability of functioning infrastructures, pose as a threat against the fight for victory over this virus.

In times like this, many people have resorted to seeking help from the church. However, with different prophesies flying left, right and center, many people are concerned about who God is really speaking though.

General Overseer of the Redeemed Chritian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, in an online service, shared a prophesy he claimed to have received from God.

According to the revered man of God, the virus is not going away as it is here to stay. Adeboye stated that God has put the world on compulsory holiday and is using the disease to show the world that he is Almighty and in control.

The general overseer of the RCCG stated that the virus will never go away but it will only be subdued.

This is the message he claimed to have gotten from God.

However, it appears Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin seems to have received quite a different message from God. In a video which has since gone viral online, he prophesied on the end of coronavirus.

According to this man of God, the virus will be gone in one month and a week from March 21st. Fufeyin claimed that God told him this.

The Nigerian prophet in his sermon, reminded his congregants that he had prophesied on the postponement of the presidential elections and it came to past, urging them to believe this message he claims to have gotten from God.

With the fate of Nigeria’s victory against coronavirus hanging in uncertainty, the contrasting prophesies of both revered men of God seems to have confused quite a lot of people as they simply do not know who to believe.

If God spoke to both of them, how come the messages are different?

The question on the lips of many faithful remains; whose coronavirus prophesies should we believe, Adeboye or Fufeyin?


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