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Stop dragging former Gov Ibrahim Idris, Son into your political misfortune; Group warns Kogi PDP


A group known as the “PDP Youths movement for “Abubakar Mohammed Ibrahim Idris for Kogi Governor” in Omala local government has sounded a strong warning to the faceless group known as ” Elders Of Kogi” proposing the expulsion of the former governor Ibrahim Idris and his son, Abubakar Ibrahim from PDP by the National Working Committee of the party over anti party activities.

A statement issued by Okolo Johnson in reaction to the allegations by Ibrahim Dansofo against the former governor and his son, described as laughable and frustrating on the part of the initiator or the writter purportedly referred as “Elders of Kogi”‘ that the party featured PDP Governorship candidate who was not prepared for an election, but believed so much in fetish intervention .

According to the spokesman of the youths, Johnson said he never knew that snatching/Stealing somebody’s mandate in an election is that painful, so much so that they are advocating for the expulsion of a Board Of Trustees member and a Governorship aspirant, who was coasting to victory, but was robbed by the ill prepared and over ambitious politician in person of the candidate of PDP in the last February Governorship election, Engineer Musa Wada.

He said the tall desire of the so called “Elders of Kogi” advocating for the expulsion of the former governor and PDP aspirant, is uncalled for, an afterthought, as seeking redress in the court of law is a normal phenomenon in a democratic setting.

The spokesman assured the dissidents Kogi elders not to overflog the issue, as Abubakar Ibrahim will reclaim his stolen mandate in the court .

Comrade Johnson wondered how a candidate and it’s team in PDP who were obviously not prepared to win election could have attributed his failure to another person’s contrivance.

He challenged the uncommitted party elders to show evidence where the duo were involved in anti party activities during the last election, saying that will justify their proposal for their expulsion from PDP.

“The leading PDP aspirant, Abubakar Ibrahim despite being in court in the last November election, campaign vigorously for the party and even voted in his polling unit in Omala during the last election” .

He wondered why the defection of some notable party starlwarts from the West was the handiwork of the former governor and his son.

“The former Ag Governor, Clarence Olafemi, Federal Lawmaker, Sunday Karimi and Eric Fiki are political juggernauts that knows and are entitled to their political inclination, How is that the decision of the former governor and the son”? The group quarried.

Johnson opined that rather than seek to persuade and pacify the sole sponsor of PDP in Kogi in the last four years, the people have resorted to needless mission that will not stand the taste of time.

“It is only in Kogi that a tenant will attempt to chase a landlord from his house, saying the former governor is a landlord in the party PDP and still irrevocably committed to the success and victory of the party in the state and Nigeria at large.”

He warned on the consequences of allowing some dissidents to infiltrate into the party all in the name of some self seeking individuals, whose intentions is to use the state as an avenue to redress their bankruptcy.

He urged the elders to strive to defend the confirmed insanity status of their candidate in the last election, saying the action must have been motivated by some insanely behaviour militating against the party’s flag bearer.

“Former Governor Ibrahim Idris is conspicuously and undoubtedly committed to the party at this point in time, as no amount of distractions will derail him”.Johnson said.


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