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Gov Bello’s Russian Embassy Visit: A patriotic move with a tripartite result for accelerated development in steel, energy and agriculture.- Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi


APC Stalwart in Kogi West, Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi says Governor Yahaya Bello has continued to demonstrate unequalled pragmatism, astute leadership and responsive governance for a rapid development of the state by taking proactive steps in the administration of the state.

He made the statement in reaction to the recent official visit Governor Yahaya Bello made to the Russian Embassy in Nigeria to consolidate on the gains of the bilateral agreement recently signed between Nigeria and Russia on the resuscitation the much talked about Ajaokuta steel Company.

He said the move is not only a strategic international engagement to demonstrate the governor’s responsiveness to the people’s most ambitious desire, but also a visit that has brought a tripartite benefit to the people and economy of Kogi State and Nigeria by extension. He said this is the most audacious way to demonstrate patriotism, leadership and performance in governance and it has capacity to engender rapid economic transformation of Kogi State and her people.

Omoluabi contend that although it was a visit that was aimed at expressing the readiness of Kogi People to receive the Russians for work to begin on about the biggest industrial site on the continent, it was also meant to be a confidence building and assurance giving meeting on the about to begin industrial revolution, but the smart, articulate and patriotic Governor Yahaya Bello used the opportunity to strike new alliance, corporation and agreement for Russian to develop the Agriculture and Energy sector of Kogi State. Omoluabi said there is no better way to describe a thinking, pragmatic and cerebral leader.

The party stalwart said the move of the Governor to woo Russians on Agriculture and Energy sector development will instigate Agricultural growth, engender youth employment, guarantee food security and improve the economy of Kogi State. Omoluabi further said the idea to expand our economic frontiers through international bilateral relationship and engagement is the smartest way for a state like Kogi to survive in the face of excruciating economic reality of the country.

“I received the news of my Governor’s visit to the Russian Ambassador to Nigeria with great excitement for a number of reasons, Russia as one of the eleven largest economy in the world has got a lot of trade, expertise and collaborative benefits for Nigeria and indeed Kogi State, also as a major exporter of energy, we have strong opportunity to have Russian energy coys springing up in Kogi which has great potential to positively engage our youths in gainful employment and also the state has a lot to benefit in terms of Agricultural investment, as a state with vast and fertile land for agricultural industrial renaissance require such engagements to thrive. All of these are what Governor Bello’s visit hope to bring to Kogi and I’m particularly excited about it, Governor Yahaya Bello is actually acting as an informed administrator who has a clear knowledge of the challenges of his people and doing all to address them through his unassailable economic, administrative and leadership blueprints Omoluabi said.

It will be recalled that Governor Yahaya Bello paid an official visit to the Russian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Alexey Shebarshin in Abuja to cement the existing bilateral agreement between Nigeria and Russia on Ajaokuta steel Company and also to woo Russian investors to turnaround the Agriculture and Energy sector of Kogi State.


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