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The Quintessential Man, Pharm. Asuku – The Pragmatic Chief Of Staff.


The description of the current Chief of Staff to the Kogi State Governor, Pharm. Abdulkareem Asuku Mohammad Jamiu, his medical and civil service careers, albeit his continuous rise to the top cannot be written completely in one book.

Though, this will be an attempt to narrate the unfolding narrative of Pharm. Asuku, a man who, amongst his peers is known for his undivided loyalty and dedication, competency and integrity, brilliance, and intelligence.

It is no surprise that the workaholic Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello as soon as he was sworn-in in 2016 would want to have such personality around him to play a part as the Director-General of Protocol of Kogi Government and help bring forth his vision for Kogi State.

The Office of DG protocol, which before his time was basically unknown and redundant, Pharm. Asuku in his usual competent and proactive nature gave life to the office, performed his duties to the pleasure of his boss and the people, and he became popular, not out of campaign but of competence, duty, and diligence.

Pharm. Asuku, within a record time, has his name in gold on the fight against bad health, hunger, poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy even before he became the Director-General of Protocol, Kogi State. Though, that gave him a higher platform to reach hundreds of thousands.

In his time as DG Protocol, Pharm. Asuku conducted duties within his jurisdiction with perfection and has impacted positively and contributed immensely in reaching the grassroots for the reelection of his boss in 2019. The masses of Kogi Central and the people of Kogi can surely testify to how he has generously touched their lives while promoting the visions of his boss.

From helping victims of severe medical conditions to supporting the people with palliatives in critical moments, granting scholarships, skills acquisition, and philanthropy. The Pharm. Abdulkareem Asuku Youth Empowerment Foundation (PAAYEF), a Charity Foundation committed to the education and empowerment of the indigent child, youth, and women.

Through its educational outreach program, a project specifically designed to facilitate access to high-quality educational opportunities for children from several communities in Kogi State, Nigeria had paid WAEC and NECO fees for indigent students all across Kogi Central for several years.

Pharm. Asuku has proven that he is a loyal, trustworthy, competent, and dedicated man with integrity — the man of the people —the reason why His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello promoted him to be his Chief of Staff.

Generous in disposition, benevolent in philanthropy. The same traits that have made him successful in every office he occupied and kept him afloat.

Pharm. Asuku’s Midas touch on the wheels of an administrative vehicle has brought forth multiple results with rippling effects across the state and beyond.

Although the office of Chief of Staff is generally seen as personal staff of the Governor. The occupant is apparently the engine room of the administration and he must ensure that there is a harmonious working relationship among other governors aides. He is forever focused and hardly ever changes even when serious, under pressure, and or even tired. His days in the public and private sector has prepared him for the top job.

This is a job, within a year, he has inspired, reassured, rebuild confidence in the New Direction Team and the Kogi Project and continues to open his doors to everyone, especially those at the grassroots.

A workaholic Chief of Staff, working for a workaholic Governor!

All those who met Pharm. Asuku always has the same first impression of him — a man with a noble mien; regal in his bearing, eloquent in diction, lively, simple, humble, and cheerful. Without being told, you could perceive his cosmopolitan bearing and the good-naturedness of a well-traveled and enlightened man.

The secret to this overwhelming success is not far to seek, it is in Pharm. Asuku’s sublime communication skills and interpersonal relationship with everybody he meets. He simply possesses that panache that appears inborn.

Pharm. Abdulkareem Asuku Moh’d Jamiu, the experienced, energetic, and pragmatic chief of staff has not only redefined the role of chief of staff with bare hands but has proven what loyalty, integrity, trustworthiness, and leadership really is. As he continues to serve His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello, he has set in place an institutional framework that not only ensures the records colossal success while he climbs to the apex but that whoever takes over from him one day will enjoy the same roller coaster.

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