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Re- Burnt INEC’S Office And Voter’s Cards In Ibaji Local Government Area


The malicious publication by Sahara Reporters and the Ibaji Progressive Youth Foundation on the subject matter; Burnt INEC Office And Voter’s Cards In Ibaji Local Government Area Of Kogi State was ill conceived and orchestrated to ferment social unrest in the famous peaceful and law abiding local government Area Of Kogi State. Worthy of note:

INEC is an independent body that carries out her operation independently. The body can’t keep mute if such act was truly carried against her office.

INEC’s Office in Ibaji where her operation is carried out is a rented apartment on a more hilly location due to the recursive flood challenges since 2012. If the publication was true, owner of the alleged burnt office would not watch his or her property being burnt without any out cry or legal actions.

The alleged burnt materials were those destroyed by 2003 and 2007 flood and abandoned by INEC over the years with prove they were not useful to INEC and the general public or individuals.

The leadership of Ibaji Local Government in strong terms would not tolerate any form of deliberate malicious content forthwith aimed at disrupting the peace and progress achieved so far in the area.

The administration of Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi State wishes to inform the general public to disregard the publication and view it with destain.

It has become necessary for the Local Government Authority to issue a statement to guide the general public on this current treading publication around the nation, especially on social media. It is on record that Ibaji Local Government Council under the leadership of Hon William Iko-Ojo does not have anyone in his cabinet or on the payroll called Chinedu Egwedu.

Ibaji Progressive Youth Foundation should be mindful of their dealings and the information they put in the public space and stop carrying news that are malicious and against Ibaji Local Government Executive Chairman.
Hon William Iko ojo, Ibaji Local Government is focusing on developmental issues that his people need to better their lives.

Hon Young Clement
SSA Media and publicity to the Executive chairman of Ibaji LGC


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