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Kogi Youth Dev’t Commission commences operations formally as body expresses readiness to involve all stakeholders


Kogi State Youth Development Commission has formally commenced its operations on Wednesday with the inaugural meeting held to familiarize with the body’s workings and set the tone for what is to come.

The meeting which held in Lokoja, had in attendance all members and eggheads.

Speaking to the press shortly after the meeting, the Chairman, Mr Lawal Ozomata James and the secretary, Hon Hauwa Rose Idakwoji expressed gratitude to Governor Yahaya Bello for providing an avenue for Youths to take centre stage in governance and the caliber youths in the commission’s Board.

The duo noted that establishment of the commission is geared towards bringing youths into the mainstream of governance and the governor has set the pace and given the young ones the platform to harness and exhibit their potentials.

They said they are a crop of intelligent, energetic and enterprising individuals whose passion for moving Kogi forward oozes through their deliberations, and expressed confidence that the state would see a vibrant and more focused youth in the nearest future.

One of the key resolutions of the maiden meeting is to quickly articulate and start working on the short and medium term plans of the commission which includes several youth empowerment programs and strategies that will be deployed to fully engage the youths and turn them away from social vices.

To this end, a committee has been set up with a 2-week time frame to come up with a short term goals.

The commission will also in the coming days officially reach out to several state players, Civil Society Organizations and Donor Agency in the state especially those at the fore front of the drive that led to the creation of the commission.

“In no time you will begin to see, hear and feel the impact of the commission.

The Secretary of the Commission, Hon Hauwa Rose Idakwoji particularly thanked Governor Bello for ensuring that more women are involved in governance, a situation she said has made it possible for them to contribute positively to nation building; “Very soon we will be making available to the public channels through which the youths and the general public can reach the commission.”

Gender Expert, Comrade Umar Dan’asabe Mohammed who also spoke to press emphasized the gender balance that the commission will be driving. Some programs the commission will be pursuing will be programmes that appeals to both male and females not lopsided program that appeals to mostly males.

The commission he said will explore all avenues to allow for maximum participation.


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