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List of aspirants screened for 2021 NYCN Kogi State chapter elective congress



  1. Chairman

i. Comrade Usman Ogohi. Samuel (Qualified, to be Contested for)

ii. Comrade Jeremiah Benjamin (Qualified, to be Contested for).

iii. Comrade Job Amana (Qualified, To be Contested for).

iv. Comrade Abdullahi Smile (Qualified, To be Contested for).

v. Comrade Farouk Onu Abubakar (qualified).

  1. Vice Chairman (E)
    i. Comrade Sekpe S. Samuel.(Qualified, to be Contested for)

ii. Comrade James Okolo (Qualified, to be Contested for).

iii. Comrade Okpanachi Ameh Nuhu( Qualified, to be Contested for).

  1. Ass. Secretary
    Comrade Abubakar Muhammad Ozi (unopposed).
  2. Social Secretary
    Comrade Apeh Mordecai(unopposed).
  3. Organizing Secretary (E)
    Comrade Isah Abdullahi (unopposed).
  4. Ass. Programme Officer.
    a. Comrade Blessing Ele-Ojo Julius. ( Qualified, To be Contested for).

b. Comrade Yahaya Sumaila(Qualified, To be Contested for).

  1. Provost Marshal
    Comrade Ugbede Aliyu Odaudu (unopposed).
  2. Director of Agric, East.
    Comrade Ogwoni Jonathan (unopposed).
  3. Director of Sports (E)
    Comrade Maryame Emmanuella Adejoh (unopposed).


  1. Secretary
    Comrade Danasebe Umar (unopposed).
  2. Vice Chairman (W)
    Comrade Eniola O. Olayemi, Calculus (unopposed).
  3. Legal Adviser
    i. Comrade Agbana Ayokanmi( qualified).

ii. Comrade Olasunkanmi Jethro ( disqualified, no any legal qualification).

  1. Financial Secretary
    i. Comrade Aiyekomogbon Florence(Qualified, to be Contested for).
    ii. Comrade Kutu Abayomi(Qualified, to contested for).
  2. Ass. PRO
    Comrade Abubakar U. Bobohi (unopposed).
  3. Programme Officer
    Comrade Julius O. Able (unopposed).
  4. Director of Sports, West.
    Comrade Olarunmbe Olarunjuwon (unopposed).
  5. Organising Secretary (w)
    Comrade Tolorunju Felix Sunday (unopposed).
  6. Director Agric (w).
    Comrade Adeyemi E. Gbenga (unopposed).


  1. Deputy Chairman
    Comrade Osiako Sunday (unopposed).
  2. Vice Chairman (C)
    i. Comrade Bashiru Abdulkareem Camp Master( unopposed).
  3. PRO
    Comrade Joseph Ozovehe Barnabas(unopposed).
  4. Treasurer.
    Comrade Ismailia M. Kabir (unopposed).
  5. Auditor.
    Comrade Ogirimah O. Yazeed (unopposed).
  6. Organizing Secretary (C)
    Comrade Yusuf Abubakar Idogu(unopposed).
  7. Women Leader
    Comrade Bilikisu Eneze Musa( unopposed).
  8. Director of Agric, Central.
    Comrade Mamood Muhammad (unopposed).
  9. Director of Sports, Central.
    Comrade Abduljelilu Adabara (unopposed).

Election day is Thursday 29th July, 2021 at the old stadium in Lokoja the State capital. Voting is slated to begin by 9am.

All validated VYOs, states & LGA delegates accreditation starts on Wednesday the 28th.


Comrade Isah O. Babangida.
Chairman, ELCOM.


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